The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. This branch is responsible for providing personnel service support by manning the force, providing human resources services, coordinating personnel support, Army band operations, and recruiting and retention. Genuine British Army AGC Adjutant General's Corps Stable Belt Material Genuine British Army M.o.D Spec stable belt webbing not the reproduction quality Standard issue cotton canvas webbing which is extremely durable and hard-wearing. With thanks to Alan Woolley. 29th Commando Royal Artillery. Army Cadet Force. Add to Bag. 29th Commando Royal Artillery. Adjutant General's Corps . The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Stable Belts of the British Army. Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire. The Army Cadet Force. Wide range of sizes available for the AGC stable belt. Quantity: 1. 29th Commando Royal Artillery. The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire . Adjutant General's Corps. British Army Genuine New Stable Belts - Adjutant Generals Corps. Army Catering Corps. SKU 99097* £20.83. This keeps the belt durable and comfortable. Some Military Stable Belts. BELT COLOURS - First (top) belt - green, yellow and central red stripe (first pattern) Second (bottom) belt - … The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire . Combined Cadet Force. The Adjutant General's Corps Stable Belt is a quality stable belt that is made from a very high quality woven material. BELOW - Adjutant General’s Corps Stable Belt with 1st Mechanized Brigade buckle. The Adjutant General's Corps, formerly the Adjutant General's Department, is a branch of the United States Army first established in 1775. When the Adjutant General's Corps was formed in 1992, it was decided that all members of the Corps would wear a single design of stable belt. The Combined Cadet Force. In stock. The Army Catering Corps. Stable Belts of the British Army. Famous quotes containing the word corps: “ L’amour pour lui, pour le corps humain, c’est de même un intérêt extrêmement humanitaire et une puissance plus éducative que toute la pédagogie du monde! Official regimental standard and stable belts made from high quality webbing with real leather and metal components. The Combined Cadet Force. Adjustable - Sizes are approximate maximum size. Unfortunately, the design of the belt was not popular, and it was changed to the Red/Blue currently in use. Gloucestershire Regiment. The Royal Army Medical Corps. Genuine Military belt - New. Webbing stable belt. Save this … The Army Catering Corps. Product Details. Adjutant General's Corps . Adjuant Generals Corps. Our AGC Stable Belt comes with the brown leather strap and in the correct Adjutant General's Corps colours. Leather fastening. Official stable belts with high quality webbing and real leather and metal components. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Stable Belt. The Army Cadet Force. BELOW - 16 (Air Assault) Brigade Adjutant General’s Corps. The Royal Army Medical Corps. Gurkha Signals.

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