Kim Kennedy (author) from uk on April 21, 2018: Hi Debbie, thanks for your comment. Free Shipping on most items. The price was considerably higher than a regular sofa. A lot depends on the quality of the item you buy. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. I like the slight curve and compact size of this reclining sectional. I've heard some people say recliners don't last as long as they have moving parts, but can't comment from personal experience. Do they allow returns if the customer has a change of heart after delivery? Some of the manual recliners popped right up instead of staying halfway out. Let us help with your project today! The customer service was very good as feel. It’s warm and plush. Yes I did try the sofa in the furniture store but I mostly tried out the reclining features. Buy affordable quality furniture in Singapore online today! The idea is to lounge all the way! Incredible shopping paradise! 2 Seater | 3 Seater. View Option. Our first recliners were manual, yes it did take a bit of effort to put the leg rests back. Once you see the futuristic design, you’ll be inspired to start thinking “how can I integrate this sofa into my life?” Instantly transform your living room into a view worth coming home to and sink right into the 3 seater space with a book or coffee. According to SRH report, Sea Horse Mattress and pillow have been the number one best sellers in Hong Kong since 1989. Search using Google search instead. Free delivery, browse now! The Hermiston Home Depot isn't just a hardware store. Go on and take a look at this dark brown bonded leather goodness. We had a newly bought sofa which started to sag after a couple of years. I don't believe most of them as I have not sat on many myself, so I can't judge immediately. I absolutely love this reclining sofa. Whats people lookup in this blog: Seahorse Recliner Sofa Singapore You want to buy furniture that you can envision sitting in all day – remember you already sat on a hard seat at work so home should be where the relaxation is. I like this kind of design as long as it works in the space. I also love the flat texture instead of sheen you see on other models. A lot of people have purchased this sofa and then took the time to review it. We didn't set out to buy these, and this factor added to the price. Do you know why and how. It’s also fairly small but comfortably seats 3 people. The other items I mentioned are things I encountered while searching for a sofa that I thought your readers should know about as well. Many advances in the operation of these units plus very reliable electronics, like motors and switches have made this category a must buy. My recliner sofa is extremely comfortable in the reclined position but very uncomfortable as stationary sofa. Power reclining sofas and sectionals are perfect for relaxing, reclining, and unwinding. Our current sofas are electric recliners, and the seat of one is starting to sink after three years use, which is disappointing, I think a lot depends on how they are made. There is more floor space in the room now we no longer have a footstool. I may well not have used them. An elderly person may well find the process difficult. I'm not ready for the electric chair. We are looking for a sofa (or recliner) that doesn't sink as soon as you sit on it, since once it sinks, it would stretch out your back and lead to back pain. Sofa’s that recline give you the option to be able to relax at different angles and adjust the furniture to your liking. If the store doesn't accept returns, then you could consider living with the items for a while. 2 Seater | 3 Seater. What about video-game players? We wanted to buy leather sofas, but it seemed that the styles we preferred were only available as recliners. With a footrest and the rounded edges, this recliner puts you face to face with your close family or friends. Anyone who looks at a recliner wants to immediately jump on board and go to sleep. Made with material that’s easy to clean, this sectional recliner is made with bonded leather upholstery that endures. We found 2 showroom leather sofas, a 2 and 3 seater, at a bargain price. The flat console table top can fold upward creating another seat. There’s a flood of sofas out there that can recline and they come in different colors, materials, features and function. I needed a stationary sofa but wanted a recliner sofa. Notice how the one armrest can rotate upward revealing a storage compartment. Slouch, slump, and lay down if that's how you use your furniture at home. Just something else to think about when considering a recliner sofa. 5 out of 5 stars (4) 4 reviews With a plush seating like this, you have the ability to have padded armrests to help you unwind. We firmly believe that once you kick your feet back, you will instantly fall asleep and miss all your afternoon appointments. I just had mine delivered and the cushions seem crooked. Coastal Terrazzo Bath Accessories. I think a second console would help, but that would either take up a seat or make it bigger (it’s already big). Shop Wayfair for A Zillion Things Home across all styles and budgets. Well done! Maybe ask around your friends and relatives to see what brands they recommend. It also offers 2 reclining opitons, one with a chaise lounge and the other with a kick back recliner. The products has been applauded by the users since then. When using a footstool, your legs tend to be straight out, which can result in painful knees if you sit for an extended amount of time. This furniture manufacturer known for their signature recliners also offers chairs, sofas, sectionals, bedroom, kitchen and dining room furnishings. Qoo10 - seahorse sofa Search Results : Furniture & Deco,Household & Bedding,Pet Care Items now on sale at Costco Furniture Reviews. My laptop cable found its way under the leg rest and was in danger of being trapped in the mechanism. Due to my own lack of knowledge, I never thought that a sofa that felt so good reclined would not sit as well upright. Finally, this is a very well rated option by past buyers. Over 200 people who bought it rate it very, very highly. I doubt they are legally obliged to offer a replacement or refund. The store is not only a home decor retail store but offers everything from getting upholstery, drapes, bedspreads made. Starting Price: S$ 2,495.00 + 3 more. Do you want a mechanical recliner or one you can control manually. He knows he won’t get ripped off when it comes to price and he’s impressed with the quality. It seems to me there would be safety considerations. Again, results showed that finding leather sofas that weren't in recliner form was difficult. If that was the case, I think doing more research would have been appropriate.This may sound like I'm highlighting more negatives than positives. Just remember the lessons you learned. Being able to have the leg rest at many different angles is a bonus. This is not the time to sit neatly as if you're at an interview. It can be difficult to make a choice in store, but it's worth taking time with such an important decision. Bedding Rugs Window Wall Decor Art Home Accents Kitchen Bath Furniture Clearance Outdoor. Yes it has full recline abilities for the main reclining seat and on the other end you have a large ottoman. The salesman isn't going to object if there's a chance of a deal. $19.99. The faux leather has a slight aged look giving it a masculine design. They are just points we hadn't considered before purchasing a chair. The slight curving design makes it so everyone has an optimal view of the screen. We didn't set out to buy reclining sofas. This company is not yet accredited. If you like to rearrange furniture, it will be harder work to move the items. The search continued. Pushing the leg rest down is quite strenuous on my legs and abdomen. Being lazy never felt this good. 5 out of 5 stars (6,780) 6,780 reviews $ 6.50. The flat, non-ornamental design makes this a great fit in almost any interior design. Note - updated below regarding electric recliners. Grab a blanket and let’s go hunt for your recliner. The owner, Cathy Walsh, is delightful to talk to and a very talented interior designer. Kim Kennedy (author) from uk on July 18, 2013: Tylah, I would start by speaking to the store it came from. With reclining sectional sofas (and recliner chairs), you don’t need to worry about a cold reception. Now with the expansion of its product line to sofas, beds, and other bedside furniture items, Sea Horse continuously achieves excellence in ensuring a comfortable lifestyle for its consumers. I thought I could use a recliner sofa as a stationary sofa. Give the seating a thorough trial. With 2 adjustable footrests, you have the ultimate relaxed sofa that will hold your drinks while inviting an entertaining atmosphere. We changed them when the leather started to fade in patches. We provide tools, appliances, outdoor furniture, building materials to Hermiston, OR residents. First off, the customer reviews for this huge recliner sectional are very, very good. When I sit upright, I feel like I am being pushed out of it. Firstly, check what the agreement was with the store. I'm not very tall, so it's particularly hard for me. There's an extra gap for the TV remote to slip down between the seats. You could sell part of the set to give more space in the room. It's not our type of decor, it's too big for our room, etc. You may be able to have a go yourself. If you love coming home to sink into plush pillows, this black recliner was made just for you. I also read on some manufactures replies to complaints from customers that recliner sofas do not last as long as stationary sofas. It's worth considering all of your options when buying a sofa. What is that secret ingredient to a welcoming living room? The main reason we bought new seating was to return to having one sofa and two armchairs. Furniture, especially sofas, is Wayfair's specialty. The following tags matches your search terms: Sea Horse Sofa Bed YSB-56-PPP, Sea Horse Bed YBED3-6075-PPP and Sea Horse Sofa Bed YSB-56-DOU-PRO. The answer is this: No, we don't regret the purchase. If you have limited space, this is one to consider. Unfortunately, as you've probably found, there isn't much information online about how to tackle this project. Filter — Showing all 48 results. We went to several different stores. Update The fault may have been partly ours because we didn't push the leg rest back fully. The high back is perfect for fully leaning back while reading, chatting or watching the screen. 3 reviews of The Sterling Seahorse "Love this store. Is there much of a price difference between a power reclining sofa and a manual reclining sofa? Have you been to one of those homes where the sofas look high maintenance and unwelcoming to sit on? For those who love design mingling with comfort, your living room needs a beautiful recliner sofa. Sofa - Fabric Sofa Sofa - Faux Leather Sofa Sofa - Half Leather Sofa Sofa - Wooden ... Conference Chairs Office Chairs Study/Computer Tables . FortyTwo is the largest homegrown e-furniture site in Singapore. They should be able to put you in touch with the manufacturer, or know someone who does repairs. The power reclining mechanism offers seemingly limitless positions of comfort, and the adjustable headrest allows you to maintain the perfect line-of-sight to your television. Choose Your Styles. Measure carefully. Sofas and Couches by Ashley HomeStore From the lastest styles of sleeper sofas to tufted leather couches, Ashley HomeStore combines the latest trends with technology to give you the very best living room furniture. AS you can see, it offers 4 spacious seats, yet isn’t as big as many other options. Cathy does everything for the home … The couches i brought were exactly how… The couches i brought were exactly how i pictured it. 5,000 brands of furniture, lighting, cookware, and more. With unmatched prices and quality, we’re your one … I know we always appreciate our seating when we come home from vacations. When I sit upright, I feel like I am being pushed out of it. Filter — Filter by price. With simplicity as it’s design feature, you can have the casual atmosphere you’re looking for and the relaxation you crave. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Seahorse Stencil (size 7.5" w x 8.5" h) Reusable Sea Ocean Nautical Seashore Reef Stencils for Painting - Use on Paper Projects Walls Floors Fabric Furniture Glass Wood etc.

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