Gender neutral pronouns other than they/them have existed in the English language for actual centuries. Many more neopronouns exist than binary pronouns, and you can check out a list of neopronouns here. I’ve also seen “fey” pronouns but I have no idea how to decline them. you are valid! They are not harmful to the trans community. (temp) Blog is run by a nonbinary lesbian and a toygender + bugender leaning kid . him becomes himself. #Aw cutie. Fae/Fay/Fey pronouns. Prescriptive grammarians of the late eighteenth century instead recommended using "he… In 2020, I chose to move my list of orientations to Google Docs, and massively expand it. ey/em/eirs ze/hir/hirs they/them/theirs. he/him/his, rather than he/his/him. Absolutely don’t stop trying to share and educate your fellow cis people! It's obvious to me they use it as a buffer so that if you criticize it/them then they can call you "abelist". where your gender can be described as simple as it just existing independently from the concept of a gender binary. I came out as having neopronouns online, and while most people were supportive, some said that that conservatives use those to make to make fun of trans people. :]c it’s the way you used it, with the ‘s’ at the end!! all neopronouns are cool actually put yours in the tags. Tell the world that you’re a witch! DNI: transmed, truscum, anti-mogai, terfs, pedos, nazis, endos AND supporters, ace exclus, or any other idiots. no identity is invalid based on pronouns! Before You Follow Theme Credit Theme Credit do not call these people either of these without their explicit permission. ☆What neopronouns are there? Nya had to force back a laugh as nyas friend scanned the area for nya, completely missing nyas position. So, in other words, you just have to pay attention to the order of the pronoun forms listed (xe/xem/xyr, ey/em/eir), and then you can figure out how to use them based on how you use she/her and he/him/his! For e.g. Do not interact if you are truscum, transmed, racist, or anti-MOGAI. feline-themed: ail/ailo/ailous/ailouself Only interact to learn, if you are: exclusionist, truscum, transmed, “pro-ship”, DNI: radfems/T(W)ERFs, racists, antisemites, ableists, Dennis Baron (he/him/his), a University of Illinois professor emeritus of English, writes about the history of pronoun use and how we adapt, Addressing one of the most pressing cultural questions of our generation, Dennis Baron reveals the untold story of how we got from he

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