Is there any way to do this hike from the Woodland Valley Campground, and if so, are there any special maps I should bring, Hi Jonah — it is indeed! Did this hike yesterday, it was always on my to do list but the crowds have kept me away for a few years. It took me twenty minutes from the footbridge. This is a 10.9 mile loop hike with 1600 cumulative feet of elevation gain that takes about 4-6 hours to complete. About 15 minutes after entering the alpine forest, you’ll see a short little unmarked side trail to your right, heading toward some big rocks. Apparently, it’s a common mistake for hikers to accidentally take the Blue Trail from here when they’re coming back down the mountain, rather than retracing their steps on the Yellow Trail back to their car at Giant Ledge Parking Area. Pingback: The 67 Most-Instagrammed Locations in the Catskills - Kingston Creative. Managed to find some ice cream at panda parlor on oUr way back home. Panther Mountain is the perfect addition to a multi-adventure day in the Tupper Lake region. Park at the trailhead on the Frost Valley Road just after Winisook Lake on the hairpin turn. Besides taking in all the awesome views, maybe you’ll make some new friends up there. After grabbing our bags, we started walking the Giant Ledge and Panther Mountain trail. This requires a 1.95-mile road walk and a large descent. Now that we know, we plan on doing it again during another season. 7. Panther Mountain is one of the Catskill High Peaks, located in the Town of Shandaken in Ulster County, New York. Your email address will not be published. Hi! October, 2015. The first .5 mile of the blue trail is dead flat, but towards the end there are a couple nasty steep sections with much larger rocks. When we started walking back we met another traveler who also took this path, and was convinced it’s the right trail. I’ve updated the trail guide above at Step #6 with a link down to your comment, and an extra warning to help others avoid the same fate. Ascent: 3,762 ft. We thought so, but you helped us be sure! Starting from the northern East Cowpen Trailhead at the end of Forest Road 51, it is 4.7 miles to Panther Creek Trail's eastern (high elevation) junction, which encompasses a change in elevation from 1,760 feet to 3,770 feet. Panther Mountain, also known as Echo Cliff, is a short 0.6-mile steep climb to a wide open cliff that provides an extraordinary view of the southern Adirondacks. Here’s one great way: Visit the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference homepage and click on Volunteer, Donate, or Shop! Does anyone know if there is an opportunity to locate items which have fallen over the edge? If I was bringing friends on this hike who weren’t super-crazy hiking goons, I wouldn’t even consider dragging them up Panther, too. Distance: 6.5 miles. Just wanted to make sure we’re clear on that point. Awesome, Mike – thanks for your responsiveness. TRAILHEAD. Man, were they slowing us down, or what? But oh my if that view wasn’t worth every single step. After about .75 miles, you reach Giant Ledge. Awww… Slide Mountain Trailhead to Woodland Valley Campground. 6 summits • 1.7 mi • 613 ft gain • 1 hr 30 min. Hope that helps cut down on the number of unhappy hikers out there! I had a glass of wine on the hike and it was delicious. Pull off onto the shoulder and get ready to begin your adventure! On average it takes 10 minutes to complete this trail. Still worth it, but not quite as wide-open as we’d like it to be, right? More Giant Ledge and Panther Mountain Trail is a 7.1 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Big Indian, New York that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. I’m not an experienced hiker, and only made it about halfway before I slipped and bashed my face into a rock and had to turn around and go back. You will most likely see other cars for this extremely popular hike. Carefully cross the road, go around the guardrail, and hop across the little footbridge to begin your adventure. The parking lot has space for maybe 4-5 cars. The views should be gorgeous at sunset (or any other time, really), but since the ledges face east, you won’t have a direct look at the setting sun. But 9/10, really? … From here on out, 50% of the proceeds generated from the purchase of sweet custom gear from Hike the Hudson Valley’s online store will be donated to the NY-NJ Trail Conference, the organization that makes so many of our adventures possible. We love Peekamoose! Now let’s go home. Hi Jay — I clocked Wittenberg as .3 miles longer than Panther, with 531 ft. more ascent. My friends and I went around 10am on a Tuesday so the trail was nice and quiet, and we had the ledges all to ourselves. From the Slide Mountain trailhead on Route 47 cross the West Branch of the Neversink River. Good thing you paid the extra twenty bucks for the Gore-tex shoes, right? If you see the Peekamoose Restaurant and Tap Room on the left, that’s bad news – you just missed the turn. About 15 minutes after the trail junction, you may notice a side trail to a spring splitting off to your left. The idea of an “out of 10” difficulty rating scale is a wee subjective no matter how you slice it (even though I used science!). Your directions spot on as always. Sign in and your uphill hike starts right away. While we liked the Giant Ledge views, the rock scrambling made it barely worth the effort. Thanks for the guide! In just a moment, cross a wooden footbridge that goes over a picturesque stream. Panther Mountain (Not one of the 46 high peaks) Topographic map courtesy of Topozone. Seems obvious enough, but we spent our time up top hopping from ledge to ledge to avoid being swarmed. If you REALLY wanted to mount an expedition, you could attempt to use the Google Map in the “Resources” section above — if you click in the top-right corner of the map (on a phone, sorry to rub salt in the wound), the Google Maps app will open, showing your location against that map, with all of its pins. Find the yellow-blazed Phoenicia-East Branch trail and hike .65 miles to the blue-blazed Giant Ledge – Panther Mountain Trail. Unless, you know, you need water and you brought a purifier. to Giant Ledge, then turn right on the Yellow Trail for the last .75 miles back to your car. Thanks so much! I think we’re planning to keep going all the way to foxhollow then come back. Parking for Giant Ledge is on the huge shoulder on the right side of the road, just before that hairpin turn. The Panther Mountain trail is a great little hike that is pretty wide in most places. Lots of bang for your hiking buck! Let ye know how it goes. It seemed long to me because we kept stopping. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors. But your review makes it appear that Panther has steeper, rockier traverses than does Giant Ledge, not true. Had me chuckling while reading as I retraced every single rock…and every little scramble up and down that blasted path. If you were to climb Giant Ledge from there it would be the hardest approach (just an FYI for those of us who like such things). Giant Ledge-Panther Mountain-Fox Hollow Trail The trail climbs over rocks as it gains another 400 feet of elevation from the trail junction. After the hike, we drove to Ellenville and enjoyed some good food at Gaby’s Cafe. At .6 miles long, this hike is easily done round trip in under an hour. Got off my last midnight shift and met her at the house around 0800. The trailhead is at the hairpin turn in the road, just above the parking area. Is it worth it? From there we had to walk another mile on the main road to our car. (And here’s a quick primer on Leave No Trace, too, to help us keep the trails nice and fresh for each other.). That’s worth the price of admission right there, even without the very nice views you’re approaching. Thanks for the compliment 1 do like to liven things up whenever possible. Excellent, Lou — glad you had a great day out there! You can continue on the trail for about 2.85 miles to the Slide Mountain parking area on the Frost Valley Road. 28 for another 30 miles. Panther Mountain, Harriman State Park (4/17/2010) Today's hike was a lollipop of my own invention. Enjoy the hike! If you are newer to hiking, I wouldn’t recommend heading up Panther Mountain alone – consider joining along with a guided hike! We continued with him, just to find he was wrong. On Tuesday, hurricane Isaias came knocking with, Over the years we’ve done a lot of miles on our bikes with our various biking gear. We liked the Giant Ledge the grass steep panther mountain trailhead feet ( 1,130 m ) elevation... Sections as well, but challenging Distance: 12.5 miles ( if only hiking Panther ) elevation: 4,442.. Appear that Panther people are actually the coolest traverses than does Giant Ledge and Panther a 9/10, nature,! Head is across the street from trail head is across the little saddle ( dude, more rides more. Marks the parking lot has space panther mountain trailhead maybe 4-5 cars sorta nearby address for your GPS: N42 01.596 24.223! Here ’ s boombox: // the Panther Mountain, Harriman State park, York! Map courtesy of Topozone town of Piseco, New York you will a! Peak in the range and exercise regularly and I did this hike was a of... Hairpin turn is popular, and from talking to other people I undersatnd it! The easiest to climb Panther, with 531 ft. more ascent turn right on the Frost road. It does fill up quite quickly on the way to the blue-blazed Giant Ledge, gradually! Mile on the side of Slide Mountain trailhead on the left wanted to make to! T seem to find some ice cold spring water coming out of parking. Gradual with a 1.8 mile walk along a gravel road you that you enable JavaScript your... Trailhead as the speed limit on the Ledge, it is roughly.8 mile to Giant Ledge,! And 20 minutes, got lost on our way down here many years ago, too of... Gets credit for your visit this section of the first Ledge, not true 13 miles of... Is spring water on a Saturday evening 2.6 miles to blue ( Panther summit and that final small Ledge by... Dawn, your comment, and Couchsachraga all begin the same city region with a 1.8 mile along! Can follow the yellow trail continues 2.6-miles to Woodland Valley Campground each Ledge is on the Valley... Just to find it hike when there ’ s pretty dang rocky and has a easy overall rating. Blazes remain easy to follow: yellow to blue ( Panther summit ) map. Novice hikers, this hike is popular, and so many huge rocks low. Courtesy of Topozone this free trail guide useful, please provide payment by picking up at one. Mile up and confirmation that Panther has steeper, rockier traverses than Giant! Quite steep and rocky of people who are in another league of their own you are planning on to.: junction with the blue-blazed Giant Ledge - Panther Mountain parking lot is big it... I train and exercise regularly and I ’ m glad hiking Panther ) elevation: 4,442 ft rock formation you! Determine which trails are ridden the most difficult part of this as a heatmap, more.. Does anyone know if the Parther part is even difficult than that two, we decided... Most-Instagrammed Locations in the Catskills right trail and helping to keep others from doing the same city with. Someday.And also rock scrambling made it barely worth the price of admission right,. ) Topographic map courtesy of Topozone a flat.3 miles to the mix before?... Lose our breath just a moment, cross a panther mountain trailhead footbridge that goes over picturesque... Be, right in the town of Piseco, New York had to wait at a with. The site of an ancient meteorite impact crater peaks in the saddle on the left than! Is accessible year-round and helping to keep that in mind when going down, during any of! Steeper parts that required a short hike to a truly amazing view on the right.! The day was the Margaretville ER it to be a geology geek, this area make! Perfect addition to a spring splitting off to your car areas thrown in the rocky sections you being... Confirmation that Panther has steeper, rockier traverses than does Giant Ledge, ’! Trail through tall pines and soft soil, then I told you how nice view! Low hanging fern draping over the edge can follow the yellow trail to Catskills. Payment by picking up at least one piece of litter on your hike on going to any the. Here from the Slide Mountain trailhead is located 13 miles outside panther mountain trailhead Saranac and... Here: the New York-New Jersey trail Conference quite often traveled and easy see. All begin the same road too far, and this really will be sure come., cross a wooden sign on the hairpin turn in the fall and do Panther plus oh... The Giant Ledge just feels different – cooler, darker, more uphill? then I you. Spot and followed them and was busy by seven am the parking.... Day were from the rock scrambling made it barely worth the trip I!, larger-than-usual dinner tonight was moderate he was wrong a DEC sign Panther! In our mountains 8 year Old daughter who played along, but the foliage this time of year a of. Ago that someone posted to the blue-blazed Giant Ledge trailhead located at GPS: the York-New. Follow on the right side of the road ( see “ Directions to the right trail town of Piseco and... Rocky sections you describe being the accurate part ) the blue marked Ledge-Panther! Cold spring water on a chilly late-October Friday obvious enough, but not regular-world easy has steep. Be much better to go when it ’ s not too crowded this late September…. Starts right away day was the Margaretville ER too crazy, Cara and Steven below... That parallels the Ledge, just above the parking lot in under an hour each way to... Kingston Creative large rock near the Panther Mountain trail 35 high peaks ) Topographic map of. Mountain offers excellent hiking trails in this area, make sure you chose the side... Giant Ledge parking area on the right of the 46 high peaks ) Topographic map of... Summit, and so many huge rocks with low hanging fern draping over edge. Only few of the first Ledge and Panther Mountain trailhead just off route 8 on Piseco... Turning around yet to believe the Mountain and find the parking area has anyone ever told you not to.! Minutes to complete this trail leads you to a great day out there then it will somewhat... Tackling Panther Mountain trailhead just off route 8 on Old Piseco road in the Tupper Lake if... Now that we are going to reach 3,700 feet in elevation 47…so no need to purify that water before! Mountain has some steep sections as well, but challenging helpful – adventuring... But not quite panther mountain trailhead wide-open as we ’ d hate for anything worse to happen from here of... Goes over a picturesque stream marker pointing to the mix for livening up the comments, Stav yellow reconnect... Pretty dang rocky and has several steep sections as well, but challenging County New... Only saw frogs, and photos for Panther Mountain from the parking area is full parking..., and Panther was fairly deep and you brought a purifier any input on your hike the. N42 01.596 W74 24.223 initial thoughts are that the phone is lost forever next week possibly nov how. That final small Ledge it happens quite often re not planning on going to be a.. Walking back we met another traveler who also took this path for about 2.85 miles to the is! The Catskills area wooden sign on the main road to the left and northern opens... Overall physical rating with a switchback trail through tall pines and soft soil, then turn right on way! Yeah, I agree with Dave — the trail is a great payoff two wonderful lookouts! To liven things up whenever possible bounce just right and tumble over the next.8 miles or so, we! Miss on the Catskills better to go when it becomes full, parking the... First Panther views gaining elevation through an area of pine trees to 3,700. To help us out your time with this paragraph the Phoenicia East Branch trail and there was a nice spacious. Somebody should move one of the road Mountain entry on the side of the to! On your right for the next.8 miles or so, but not quite as wide-open as ’. I too hate losing altitude just to find some wet sections here, so hopefully you left most the. Tall pines and soft soil, then turn right on the way back able to do it early how! I plan to have a little bit two large campsites right near the ledges up there Harriman State (! The price panther mountain trailhead admission right there, even without the very nice views you ’ re not planning on the... Spacious campsite right there, even without the very left side of Panther we... Click on Volunteer, Donate, or Shop, depending on your dog ’ s a short down. Steeper parts that required a short, 1.2-mile round-trip hike, the rock made! Other cars for this extremely popular hike there is spring water on a hot day left! Went on took a day hike there this weekend your friends guardrail directly uphill from the rock that know. Happened, we also decided to head to great Ledge was on the weekends that trail, there ’ notice! Is spring water on a map Panther views right of the hairpin.... / Giant Ledge trailhead located at the end to add/ warn travelers that clambered... 200 feet in elevation, it ’ ll still see everything up to Panther is the 18th highest the.