In the Nigerian Army, they divided the personnel into Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers, with different ranks and benefits of office. They started this school in 1976. As a Nigerian or a permanent resident living in Nigeria, it is necessary you have knowledge of ranks in the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian army salary structure whether you have interest in joining the army or not.. These are personnel who are yet to receive a commission or official document that elevates them to a commissioned rank. The Nigerian Army said its newly created the 6th Division in Port Harcourt was established to organize and improve its internal security operations in four states of the Niger Delta. The Nigerian Air Force Headquarters has nine staff branches that plan policies. Wizkid and Davido: Who is The Richest Based on Net Worth 2020? Staff Sergeant monthly pay is N68, 000. Abuja—Barely days after Vanguard's report published last week on the discrepancy in the salary paid soldiers in Nigerian Army, against that The National Defense College is the place where officers and select civilian professionals receive the highest level of military training to enable them to make decisions in the democratic system of government. Nigerian Army ranks have different functions and are often divided into parts. Air Warrant Officer. You have eight levels of non-commissioned officers rank in the Nigerian Army and they include: The commissioned officers are those who have earned a commission. Its curriculum is from the British Army. A Corporal is paid N58,000. Most of them are secondary school graduates or National Diploma holders. The Nigerian Army Ranks & Salary Structure – If you are planning on having a career as a soldier within the Nigerian Army, then this post is for you. Read more on about us page for details. These are the people that join the military armed forces with degrees, professional certificate or direct from the Nigerian Defense Academy. If the salary has been a hindrance to joining the Army, it is not anymore. This … You are to complete an online form and submit the print-out at your screening venue. By the time the Nigerian civil war was ended, the Nigerian army had grown from just 18,000 to 126,000. Current Salary of Nigerian Army Officers: See Full Details (2020) – The Nigerian army is the largest of the components of the Nigerian Armed Forces. The Nigerian Army was founded in 1960. During the independence period, the number of indigenous men and officers in the Nigerian army was totalling 18,000. For those of you that wish to join the Army, you must know the ranks that are available in the Nigerian Army to prepare yourself for that role in the future. Payments made to these officers then was in shillings. Payments made to these officers then was in shillings. Below is a full list of the Nigerian Army Ranks and their monthly salary: First, the focus of this article is to help readers have an insight to the salary structure of the Nigerian Army salaries. Nigerian Navy salary structure according to their ranks: Admiral — Earns ₦1,358,595 Monthly Admiral, which is logically the highest attainable rank, earn a whooping ₦1,358,595 on a monthly basis. You will be glad to know that the Nigeran army ranks are categories into two different types. We will also look into their ranks because without first understanding how the Nigerian army are ranked you will definitely get confused about how much they are paid. The ranks of commissioned officers include: This post gave you information about the Nigerian army salary by ranks. Sergeant monthly pay is N63, 000. The Nigerian Army has three main training facilities in the country for Nigerian soldiers. These days, Customs salary in Nigeria includes a number of allowances, such as transport, meal, uniform maintenance, hazards, detective allowances, etc. You will discover the salaries of the Nigerian army after reading this article. Others include the 6th, 7th and 8th, Divisions. The Nigerian Defense Academy was started in Kaduna in 1964 to train cadet officers of the Nigerian armed forces, including the Navy and Airforce. An Island in Greece That is Willing to Pay You To Move-In. You know that for any job you do, to develop expert skills, you must have more training to receive adequate salary and promotions, and the Army is no exception. You might be thinking that they earn more than this every month base on the belief of many people. Before we find out Nigerian army salary by ranks, let us trace the history of the Nigerian Army. And Commander’s annual salary equals to ₦3,380,086 ($20,671.49). A content creator for The curriculum contains subjects of the nature of war, leadership, politics, ethics, peace, and the use of force. A Corporal will pocket ₦58,000 as starting salary and if he … Top 10 Most Expensive Place in Lagos, Nigeria [Latest], Cleanest State in Nigeria – Top 5 + [Photos], Wizkid's Net Worth in Dollars and In Naira (2019) - Forbes, The Richest Musicians In Africa (2020): Top 10 on the list, How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On MTN Data Plans, Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actors and Actresses in Nigeria (2020), Top 10 Richest Musicians In Africa and Their Net Worth In 2020. And any individuals who promise to offer you a job in the Nigerian Army. It has responsibility for land warfare operations. 2. While the non-commissioned officers are the ones you can call junior officers. You are to represent in aid of civic officials and restore order when called upon. According to Sahara reporters as of May 2018, the Army had only 124,000 active personnel and 57,000 reserve Soldiers. By the time the Nigerian civil war was ended, the Nigerian army had grown from just 18,000 to 126,000. ThingsToKnow is your number one source for all skills and knowledge about life. It is the top military training establishment for Nigerian Armed Forces. Here are the ranks in non-commission categories of the Nigerian Army; This are mainly the people who join the Nigerian Army through Massive Recruitment. Find Out Nigerian Army Salary Structure And Ranks In Nigeria. It will be better you know what you will be paid or what your relative in the army are earning per month. Nigerian Army Salary Structure: The Nigerian Army has played a major role in the country in terms of security and perhaps they deserve bountiful and enviable rewards as salary. The salaries of the commissioned and the non-commissioned officers can be found hereunder Salaries of non-commissioned Officers Master Warrant Officer: N90,000 At this point, we are close to unveiling the Nigerian army salary by ranks. Here are the ranks for commission categories of the Nigerian Army; If you wish to join the Nigerian Army and receive the above salaries of the Nigerian Army. The very few U.S. personnel deployed to Nigeria are not there in a combat role, and they never cruise dating sites looking for “love”. The Nigerian Army is the largest among the armed forces. The school trains Majors, Captains, and Non-Commissioned officers and their counterparts in the Airforce and Navy. The Division will cover the Army's 2 Brigade Akwa Ibom; 16 Brigade Bayelsa and 63rd Brigade in Delta, respectively, with divisional headquarters in Port Harcourt. The Nigeria Army is well equipped compared to the Army of many African Nations. giving Nigeria prestige in the comity of nations. The NDC is the last school for the military force that we are examining in this article to discover the Nigerian army salary by ranks. You must show proof of physical and mental fit tender by a registered doctor or hospital in Nigeria. The Nigeria Military Salary Structure The Nigerian Army Rank And Salary. New Nigerian Army salaries per month (2020) Here is the current full list of the Nigerian Army Ranks plus their monthly earnings. Read Also: List Of Vehicles Accepted By Uber Nigeria (2020) Current Salary of Nigerian Army Officers: See Full Details (2020) Many Nigerians think military men are paid heavily every month. It was not until in mid-1970 that the number rose significantly to 126,000. You must have not been charged or convicted of any crime before. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and an MBA, including over two years of writing experience. enforcing international maritime laws and protecting its forces from aggression. However, the Nigerian army is paid according to their ranks in the military. However, most of them are the SSCE, WACE, Primary 6, Trade test or OND holders. Most of them are with B.Sc, B.A, M.Sc, and even P.hD holders. You have the assurance of an excellent salary and an enduring and worthy institution. NIGERIAN ARMY SALARY SCALE FOR NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS PER MONTH. All the salary enumerated here is a scam,nobody pay or received that money as salary,fighting corruption should start from those who are slicing people's salary for nothing, this ippis is the worst in the history of Nigeria police, for example my mate in Lagos is above me with #10,000,the same date of promotion,same increment. Searches related to nigerian army salary. RANKS IN THE NIGERIAN ARMY : check out this post to find out more. How to create a blog in Nigeria in less than 20 minutes, How to make money online (With complete guide), Top ways to make money online in Nigeria (2021), How to send money to Nigeria instantly with Transferwise, Legitimate online jobs in Nigeria that anyone can do from home (2021), Most lucrative businesses in Nigeria (2021), List of banks in Nigeria with their details, How to start investing in Bitcoin in Nigeria, Top loan apps in Nigeria to get a quick loan without collateral (2021). If you are planning to join the Nigerian Army one day. The salary scale of the Nigerian Army depends on the rank of the officer. On the other hand, for a fresh recruit or trainee, the annual salary is ₦122, 848 while the salary per annum of a Private, Ordinary Seaman or Aircrafts man/woman is ₦639, 990. This is the lowest rank in the Nigerian Army; they are the newly recruited soldiers (recruits as many call them) and they have don’t have an emblem. History had it that it was until 1973 when the use of Naira was introduced, there was a high level of corruption among the commanders in the army. Contrary to the belief of some people that Nigerian Soldiers earn a heavy monthly salary, we ascertain the Nigerian army salary earned every month end by Soldiers according to their ranks. Here are what you need to know about the function of the Nigerian Army; For you to join the Nigerian Army and earn the above mentioning salaries in the Nigerian Army. During the independence period, the number of indigenous men and officers in the Nigerian army was totalling 18,000. ICT Security Expert – ₦ 79,000. However, the Nigerian army earns a little amount of money every month mostly for undergraduate applicants. The following are the salaries paid to non-commissioned officers of the Nigerian Army per month: PRIVATE: In the Nigerian Army currently, a Private is paid a salary of about ₦49,000 per month, while a Lance Corporal earns about ₦55,000 monthly. According to the article titled “Brief History of the Nigerian Army,” on the Nigeria Army Defense Headquarters’ website, you can track the formation of the Nigerian Army to 1863, but it was officially named Nigerian Army after independence in 1960. by VAdmiral(m): 11:12pm On Jan 13, 2008 @ holywood You can resign, but with conditions bordering on a particular number of years u must compulsorily serve. At these time, … The course is for eleven months, divided into three terms with training run in nine blocks. While for others who are curious about the Nigerian army salary by ranks, today, your curiosity will be satisfied. Latest statistics shows that the lowest paid army in Nigeria, private soldier, earns N54,000 while the highest paid army receives N1.5 million. Well, some people over rate the salary structure while others undermine the Nigerian Army salary structure. This school is a training facility for members of the armed forces such as the Navy, Airforce, and the Army. Your duties will be to safeguard the country against any kind of external aggression. If we multiply this figure by the twelve months in a year, we’ll get an annual salary of ₦18,000,000.